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Frequently Asked Questions

Get to know us, how we work, and what to expect.  Don't see your question below?  Reach out!  We love answering your questions and getting to know you and your business a little better along the way!

My company is struggling in an ever changing digital marketplace; can you help us stay relevant?

We can!  We come equipped with diverse skills and deep expertise developed through our particular paths in life, both educational and experiential.  We know the digital landscape and would be thrilled to bring your company up to speed!

How do I know if you'll be a good fit for my business?

Simple answer: you don't.  This is why we start our entire process with an introductory meeting.  This allows us to get to. know you, your business, and your goals.  This meeting also allows you to get to know us, how we work, and how we communicate.  Ultimately, we decide together if we think this will be a beneficial partnership.  We don't want to work together if it isn't the right fit - for any of us!

Do you require a contract/signed agreement to work with you?

We do.  After our initial meeting, where we determine if this is the right fit, we will draft up a proposal for you to review.  This will outline the projects we discussed and different options to move forward.  This agreement may be for a singular project or it may be an ongoing retainer, depending on the scope.  This helps keep us aligned with your business needs as well as enables you to know what to expect from us.  Clear plans are the most easily implemented.

Do you have to buy packages or do you offer customizable solutions?

We believe customizable solutions are the way to go.  No two businesses are exactly the same and while your business may need some of the same things another business does, chances are how we get there will be different.  This allows us to focus on your individualized needs and wants for your business, without having to make it fit into a prepackaged solution.

How long does it take for the team to complete a project?

Timeline depends on the project itself.  We outline the project timeline with you when we begin a project.  We do this to make sure we are meeting expectations, and to get your commitment on the project as well.

Can we build a strategy together, but then I execute it on my own or utilize someone else to execute it?

You sure can!  We are here to help you and your business in whatever capacity that may be.  Whether it's a complete overhaul and management, or just a strategy build and consulting services, we are committed to serving you and your business.

Is there a way I can do these things myself, without having to utilize SCC?

Absolutely!  While we have the diverse skills, deep expertise, and years of experience within the industry, there are multiple programs where you too can obtain the licenses and certifications we have.  Plus, with the internet, you are able to research, test, and execute all the different things you find online.  We are only here to help your business, so if you don't need us or prefer to do all of this on your own, we applaud you!

Didn't answer all your questions?  No problem, shoot us an email and we'll be happy to chat.  

If we did answer all your questions...great!  Shoot us an email and let's chat about your business goals!

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