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Boss Babes Do It Different

Happy International Women’s Day! What better day to tell you the final chapter of how Frankie and I came together to form Stone Creative Consulting than on a day dedicated to female business owners, entrepreneurs and their achievements. “International Women’s Day – celebrated annually on March 8 – is a day that commemorates the social, political and economic achievements of women. Women in different parts of the world use this day to come together to celebrate one another and rally for equal treatment and representation.” (Al Jazeera)

Both Frankie and I, continually disappointed by the current marketing offerings from other agencies, decided to come together to do it better. No more one size fits all. No more charging outrageous amounts and handing off the work to underpaid interns. No more CEOs and presidents not being involved in the day today and spending all their time on lavish vacations. We were going to change the game.

Our goal was simple, to provide small to medium size businesses with all the benefits of a marketing employee without all the overhead that comes from having an actual in office employee. This would allow companies who may not be able to afford to hire someone for their marketing efforts to be able to outsource their marketing and continue to grow their business. Having full or evgen part time employees can be taxing on a business. It’s not just payroll they have to worry about, but all the other overhead as well (insurance, office space, training, etc.). We can be the in-house marketing team without the in-house overhead.

We also wanted to make sure we were offering packages these business owners could actually use. Most agencies already have specific marketing packages available to clients. If you ask them for package pricing, they can send it right over. Many times however, these packages include things these smaller companies don’t use, or aren’t ready for. Maybe a company just needs help with their social media, but these packages include email marketing campaigns, blog posts, website maintenance, etc. While yes, these are all things that can help a business grow and nurture their current customer base while bringing in new customers, they may not be ready for that. So businesses are stuck paying for services they don’t want, or need. Our business practices are different however. Instead of having predetermined packages for companies to choose from, we develop our packages specifically around each company‘s needs.

This means we get to know your business, your target client, and the link between them extremely well. Before we even move forward with a proposal, we research your industry and your competitors. We detail the best practices for your social media as well as the relevant hashtags and posting frequency and times. We make sure we have a thorough overview of everything within your business as well as your business goals before even sitting down to meet with you. It’s extremely important to us, and also one of the things that sets us apart. Once we are well versed in your business and the industry, we develop three different packages that will best help you to meet your business goals. From the smaller Consultant Package, to the more detailed Manager Package, to finally the most intense Director Package, all are fitted to your specific business goals. We also review these packagtes with you and allow for changes: maybe you aren’t quite ready for the full Director Package but see a couple aspects that you would like to have in your Manager Package - No Problem! We can swap these out and make our package even more custom for you.

Another thing that sets us apart from other agencies? We also strive to provide continuous support for businesses who stand to benefit from it. No more delivering the bullet points of each marketing package and then disappearing - we want to be there to help you along the way. From developing a marketing strategy, to building a website, to reviewing current systems these businesses have in place - we want to assist business owners in whatever they need to help their business grow. So we offer business consulting as well as marketing and website development. We can be your research team, your strategy builder, or just your sounding board. We are here to help you and your business grow and learn along the way.

It is our passion and privilege here at Stone Creative Consulting to help businesses reach their customers with our marketing and business consulting efforts and we hope to have the opportunity to help yours as well! Contact us to review your business goals or marketing plan and see how we can help!

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