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How it Started, How it's Going & The Growth Mindset

Popularity of the how it started, how it's going movement began in 2020 on Twitter and since then, celebrities, public figures, and business owners alike have jumped in to share their experiences.

Kristin Westfahl, owner of The Westfahl Group and host of the How it Started, How it's Going Podcast, interviews fellow entrepreneurs about their journeys. The goal of the podcast is to hear how people got both the idea and the courage to set out on their own and to help encourage other potential entrepreneurs to do the same. She interviews her guests about their dream, what initial steps they took to get started, the struggles along the way, and how their journey is currently going (because honestly, is it ever really over?).

When we were first asked to participate in the podcast, we worried our business was too new, too young, to really provide any valuable takeaways. After meeting with Kristin however, we realized the importance of sharing our journey, even as it continues.

What we've come to understand is how it started, how it's going all comes back to the growth mindset. While entrepreneurs likely define this a bit differently, the underlying tone is the same - individuals who believe their talents can continue to be developed (through hard work, good strategies, and input from others) have a growth mindset*. This is a MUST for entrepreneurs!

As part of the growth mindset, it is so important to know your strengths as well as your weaknesses and how to work to better each (we highly recommend Strengthsfinder 2.0 from Gallup - just trust us, it's so helpful). Once you know where your strengths lie and where you are lacking, you can partner with the right individuals and/or organizations to ensure you are making the most of your time and crushing your goals. Finding the right individuals/organizations to work with can be difficult and it certainly won't happen overnight. With so much to consider (your business goals, each individuals' driving force or WHY, work compatibility, work ethic, etc), communication is key.

While it's not surprising that different people bring their own various strengths to the proverbial table and no one person can do it all (burnout is real!), in listening to Kristin's podcast we realized that the driving force behind the growth mindset varies for each person as well. Some of Kristin's guests have had personal experiences guiding them to start a new business, others had a burning idea that propelled them to start their own business - for us, it was the customer experience.

Through our experience of working with and for larger agencies, we found that they took the same approach with all of their clients, no matter the industry. While this model may be scalable, it certainly isn't in the best interest of the client. Because of this, we didn't just flip the script - we threw out the whole thing entirely! I hate to refer to our business as boutique but the reality is, it is! We don't use the same strategy for a medical spa as we do for a real estate company, or the same processes for a law firm as we do for a entertainment company - they don't target the same demographic and their customer journeys are unique. As a business owner, you want to partner with someone that is well versed in your business, willing to do the research, and has the expertise to help you. You want to partner with those who possess the #GrowthMindset

The process of striking out on your own can be scary, overwhelming, and hard - you will have to continue to grow each and every day. In taking others' advice, listening to what drives them and learning from the mistakes they've made along the way, you can continue to grow both personally and professionally. How it Started, How it's Going documents the continuous growth of fellow entrepreneurs - these are the insights we should be heeding. That's why we shared our journey with you as well (give it a listen here!).

All of this to say - we are new at this whole entrepreneur thing. We wake up each day with the continued commitment to move growth. Yes, we're making mistakes along the way, but we continue to lean on each other, listening to the guidance and advice of other business owners, all while sharing with others trying to grow their own business. Rome wasn't built in a day, and our business wasn't either. The growth mindset propels us forward...go ahead, give it a try. It changed the strategy we take with our clients, the way we approached our own business, and even our personal lives.

*Defined by the Harvard Business Review

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